Animated video

Animated video

We live in an age where people are more likely to watch a video on how to fix their DIY problem rather than read a manual. 70% of viewers on the internet watch videos for help with a problem.  We remember 95% of the content of videos we watch as opposed to 25% of information we read.

Video can be a simple yet incredibly powerful tool. 

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Animated video - The Problem
The problem....

A lot of people are time-poor these days - especially employees. 

Many of us don’t have the time (or inclination) to wade through booklets and websites.  Giving the key messsages in a short  90-second video can give employees enough information to take the next step. 

We can turn something daunting into something easy and simple to consume and that connects with people. 

How we can help

The wonderful thing about video and animation is that it’s so adaptable. No matter what the subject matter, video allows you to use humour, emotion and imagination to tell your story in a way that you can't achieve on paper.

Here’s just some of the  ways we can help you:

  • Personalised
    1. Personalised

    Telling a story directly to a person is far more powerful than broadcasting to the general viewer. With personalised videos, we can reach out to employees to tell the story of their money and savings with their personal facts and figures. We think that’s pretty smart.

  • Educational
    2. Educational

    If you find that your people aren’t paying enough into their pension, for example, or they don’t really understand a certain benefit, then video can be used to make these subjects more accessible.  Sometimes the clearest and simplest way of explaining the benefit of something is by telling the story through video.

  • Inspiring
    3. Inspiring

    If you're launching your new set of values or wanting to inspire your people with a new way of working, then video can work brilliantly.  Through music, pictures and words video can convey the emotional story to connect your employees with what you're trying to do.  

Animated video - Why it matters
Why it matters

Video is often being called the future of content. In fact, 1/3 of online activity is spent watching videos.

  • Viewers are more likely to fully absorb and understand your message
  • It saves time – you can tell a story in 90 seconds that might translate to several pages on a website
  • It has a high emotional impact which can increase engagement 
  • It has a personal touch
  • It’s easily accessible from many devices (and can’t be thrown in the bin!)