Employee engagement

Employee engagement

Engaging with people has never been more important because the pace of business change gets ever faster. Successful change needs engaged employees to believe in it, drive it forwards and deliver. The challenge is how to do this in a way that's unique to your organisation.

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Employee engagement - The Problem
The problem....

The world of work is changing. 

According to Deloitte's Global Human Capital Trends 2018 survey, we're seeing a shift towards social enterprise with companies being judged on the way they treat and engage with their people and customers and their broader relationships with the communities in which they operate and society more broadly.

Employee engagement is part of this new world because it's how you build customer loyalty and committed employees.

How we can help

We can help you with every aspect of delivering a great employee experience.

  • Reviewing your current communication
    1. Reviewing your current communication

    We’ll analyse the messages, tone of voice and implementation of your current business as usual communication to employees to assess where there are discrepancies with your overall strategy and from this create a recommended future approach.

  • Creating the strategic narrative
    2. Creating the strategic narrative

    People relate to stories and the more you can articulate your strategy as a story that has an emotional appeal at its heart, the more likely you’ll be to have employees who listen and take your vision and strategy to heart.

  • Developing a distinctive employer brand
    3. Developing a distinctive employer brand

    Based on your unique set of values we’ll create the words, pictures and ideas that encapsulate who you are as an organisation.

  • Transformation communication
    4. Transformation communication

    We’ll work with you to create the messaging, planning, design and delivery of your communication through times of upheaval and change.

  • Engagement campaigns
    5. Engagement campaigns

    Our campaigns will embed the story, values and tone of voice in every element of the employee experience from the Employee Value Proposition through to the full range of HR collateral and materials.


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Employee engagement - Why it matters
Why it matters

Engagement makes a difference because engaged employees:

  • Drive and support business change and transformation
  • Deliver sustained improvements to your bottom line
  • Are more agile and flexible; more able to deal with change
  • Re-enforce your distinctive employer brand
  • Help you recruit and retain high quality talent
  • Are happier and healthier