Employee value proposition

Employee value proposition

Many businesses are competing for the most skilled people within their industry.

That's why developing a strong employee value proposition (EVP) plays such a vital role in both attracting people to and keeping talent.

At like minds we believe a strong EVP will spark existing and prospective employees to embody your values and culture.

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Employee value proposition - The Problem
The problem....

It's often during periods of business change and improvement that your employee value proposition will be in the spotlight. That’s because there can be a disconnect at these times between the internal experience of your current employees and the brand and perception on the outside. 

Your EVP is your emotional lifeline to your employees (and prospective employees too). 

Ultimately, you’ll need to ensure your EVP still makes sense and resonates with your people

How we can help
  • Insight gathering and current state
    1. Insight gathering and current state

    We’ll work with you to gather insight from across your organisation, so that together we can understand the current state of your employee value proposition. This can include reviewing things such as:

    • Employee survey results
    • Exit interviews
    • Leadership feedback
  • Creating your bespoke EVP
    2. Creating your bespoke EVP

    Once we’ve got to know you and your organisation inside out, we’ll create a draft of your new or updated EVP which articulates the key messages.

    Doing this gives us a strong foundation on which to base your new or updated EVP and shape it for the future.

  • Designing and implementing
    3. Designing and implementing

    This is the really exciting part – bringing your new EVP to life! We’ll design your new EVP brand and concept and show how it works across key collateral that you can use as part of your communciation programme. This will form the basis of your people brand. 


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Employee value proposition - Why it matters
Why it matters

Here's how a strong EVP can set you apart:

  • Brings your employee culture to life
  • Describes how it feels to work for and with you
  • Strengthens your people brand 
  • Demonstrates clear strategic objectives that energise employees
  • Supports your business strategy and core values
  • Re-engages a disenchanted workforce

The Corporate Leadership Council's research supports this, showing that an EVP can:

  • Improve the commitment of new hires by up to 29%
  • Reduce new hire premiums – sometimes by up to 50%
  • Increase the likelihood of employees acting as advocates from an average of 24% to 47%