Financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing

Worrying about money is a vicious cycle. It has a negative impact on people's sleep, mental health and attendance at work. In turn, this affects absenteeism and productivity in the workplace.

We want people to think and feel better about their money, and as a result, to feel better about their life, their work and their employer.

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Financial wellbeing - The Problem
The problem....

For a long time the financial industry has made all things money-related fairly complex and difficult to navigate.

People often think they need to be experts, and generally find dealing with their finances worrying and stressful because they don’t feel well-equipped to deal with them.
We also live in a culture where talking about money is distinctly frowned upon. People would rather share intimate details about their relationships than talk about their bank balance. 
Money can make many people anxious and unsettled. That’s why at like minds we’re arguing for a fresh approach to financial wellbeing: we want people to think about their money as a meaningful relationship.

How we can help

Money Minded™ is our solution. It helps people approach the whole subject of money by connecting them with their relationship with money - the way they feel about money and what it means to them emotionally - and how that impacts their decisions.

This psychology and self-awareness sits alongside practical information about a wide range of financial situations and issues. It also makes the link with their employer's benefits and how they can help.

We can create your financial wellbeing programme in three key ways:

  • Money Minded™ portal
    1. Money Minded™ portal

    By putting our unique Money Minded™ portal in place, we’ll bring together all your financial wellbeing programmes into a single hub.  With regular updates to keep it relevant and engaging you can build up the portal content gradually over time.

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  • Licensing content
    2. Licensing content

    We can offer you access to over 100 articles, 2 current news items per month and a range of videos to help your people tackle day to day money challenges. These can be used on the platform that suits you and your people best.

  • Engagement campaigns
    3. Engagement campaigns

    We can develop bespoke engagement campaigns to help your people develop a better relationship with their money and make the most of the benefits you provide for them.

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Financial wellbeing - Why it matters
Why it matters

Financial wellbeing in the workplace can take the worry and stress away from your people by giving them the knowledge and tools to think and feel better about their money.

With the right communication, an effective financial wellbeing programme will compliment your employee value proposition, including your existing benefit and reward programmes. This helps employees see how and where they can get the help they need, and how you provide support. 

A well communicated approach to financial wellbeing can:

  • Deliver the missing element in the employee wellbeing agenda
  • Support your people in dealing with the main cause of stress in the UK
  • Help your people navigate the changing financial landscape
  • Differentiate your employer brand
  • Support your overall reward strategy, ensuring every £ spent goes further