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Our digital financial wellbeing workplace solution.

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Rich financial wellbeing content
Rich financial wellbeing content

Money Minded is all about helping your employees get the most out of their money. Whether it’s debt, savings, credit cards or pensions, Money Minded is packed full of helpful tools and content, including:

  • ‘What’s your relationship with money?’ quiz
  • Helpful videos
  • Articles
  • Tools and resources
  • Money tips and tricks
  • Regular updates to keep the content relevant and engaging
Tailored to suit your brand
Tailored to suit your brand

Exploring financial issues can be difficult for employees. Gaining their trust is key. So, it’s important that they recognise the information is coming from a source they trust, and is all part of their overall employee benefits package. Money Minded can be customised to include:

  • Your Company logo
  • Your brand colours
  • Existing employee benefits
  • Links to your existing providers’ resources
Money relationship quiz
Money relationship quiz

Love me and leave me, just good friends, going steady, or soulmates. Do your employees know what their relationship is with their money? The Money Minded quiz asks some key questions about the way employees see and interact with their money, to help them:

  • Start looking at their money differently
  • Work out what their priorities are
  • Get to the content they will find most useful
  • Plan for their financial future
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