No Member Left Behind is our call to action to the pensions industry to develop a truly inclusive approach to how we engage with the people that are saving for their pension.

We’ve spoken with 4,000 people saving into workplace pension schemes to find out how they really feel.

And we found there’s an opportunity for the pension industry to elevate their communication and engage with people on a truly human level.

Watch our NMLB events today:
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You’ll hear from:

  • Diversity and Inclusion leaders on how they’ve created engaging pension communication
  • Industry professionals on how to make your communication truly inclusive

Plus, we’ll launch the findings of our exclusive research.


of pension scheme members find the communication they receive unappealing


of pension scheme members never engage with their pension provider

Hear how the public really feel about their pensions:

Why is it important to engage with people on a human level?

By engaging with people and not just members you’ll:

Improve their outcomes in retirement

Ensure your people feel seen and heard

Improve the relationship between your savers and the scheme

Naturally improve your communication and engagement levels, by doing the things that are key to a successful communication strategy

How do we put people at the heart of an engagement strategy?

By engaging with people and not just members you’ll:

  • Talk about the things that aren’t being addressed, the things that really matter to people and influence how they think and feel about their money – like race, culture, language, disability, family make-up and their values to name a few
  • Use what we learn to start to shift the narrative to a more equitable one, genuinely putting members first to ensure that no one is left behind. And so that as an industry, neither are we
  • Listen to their stories and find out more about the people we’re communicating with than ever before