Reward communication

Reward communication

The way that organisations attract, retain and motivate talented employees is one of the most important measures of success in the business world.

Getting your reward programme right and communicating it well means you'll have more chance of getting the best people in your industry wanting to work with and for you - and staying.


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Reward communication - The Problem
The problem....

Being rewarded meets a basic human need. 

When we’re rewarded for the things we do and for who are we feel accepted and that we belong. 

On top of this, salary is increasingly becoming only one factor prospective employees think about in terms of reward. The broader picture is becoming far more important. You’ll find candidates asking themselves questions like:

‘What’s the culture like?’, ‘Will I feel valued?’, and ‘What are the perks?’.

How we can help

Whatever your challenge we can work with you to change the way people think and feel about their reward and benefits, and your reputation as an employer.

We can help with every aspect of your reward and benefit communication, including:

  • Focus groups
    1. Focus groups

    We’ll conduct focus groups to help you understand the real motivation for your employees.

  • Engagement audit
    2. Engagement audit

    A review of your current reward communication. This includes assessing readability, engagement levels, and how well you’re targeting specific groups. 

  • Branding and campaigns
    3. Branding and campaigns

    We’ll help you develop your reward and recognition brand into something instantly recognisable and motivating for members.

  • Targeted communication
    4. Targeted communication

    We’ll hone your communication using the latest nudge and gamification behavioural reward communication techniques.

  • Storytelling
    5. Storytelling

    We'll tell your story through imaginative animated videos and inspiring copy.

  • Measuring the success
    6. Measuring the success

    We can monitor your communication and listen to feedback to make it even better next time around.

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Reward communication - Why it matters
Why it matters

Reward, recognition and benefits that reinforce your values and feel in tune with your culture will be crucial to your ongoing engagement with your people. 

  • More than 60% of employees would take a job with lower salary for better benefits (Zenefits)
  • More than 50% of employees said they have left jobs after hearing the siren calls of better benefits elsewhere (Randstad)
  • 20% of UK workers said increased recognition from their boss for their work and the contributions they make would make them happier in the workplace (One4all)