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Benefits for people like you


the problem

Callcredit wanted to take advantage of the re-fresh of their flexible benefits plan and transition to a new technology platform to:

  • Improve employee engagement
  • Create a recognised Callcredit brand to support the employee value proposition across the group
  • Enhance the perceived value of benefits
  • Help people make better decisions

They wanted to encourage their employees to make smarter decisions around their benefits based on their own purchasing preferences and attitudes. 

the solution

We developed an employee engagement strategy to fit with the diverse profile of Callcredit's workforce segmenting our audience into behavioural type avatars based around how they choose to spend their money and attitudes towards risk and choice.

Employees could find out who they were through our online quiz and were then guided to some of the flex benefits that would most suit their personality and needs. This enabled employees to feel the benefits were relevant to them and got them to engage with the flex site.

We created a a very distinctive visual style for the flex campaign, which reflected the Callcredit brand whilst introducing an element of fun through the illustrative style.

Using feedback from focus groups, we delivered a multi-media campaign that included a range of different communication: from e-cards to posters, intranet banners to pop-up banners, and a re-designed flex site to desk drops.