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Changing attitudes to work and stress


the problem

Through their regular Credo survey and the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For survey, Janssen identified a worrying decline in employees’ responses to questions about stress, workloads and general wellbeing.

The company felt that if this was left unchecked it could undermine and change the high engagement that employees have for both their work and the company. 

the solution

Janssen developed an holistic approach to managing workload, work-life balance and health and wellbeing through a series of initiatives across the company.  To support this and communicate the key messages to people we created:

  • a strong visual identity for the campaign which conveyed the multi-faced nature of the messages and linked it to the company Credo
  • poster campaign using the logo and picking out the new behaviours we wanted to encourage in all employees to reaffirm that these are acceptable within the culture
  • the Little Book of Life Choices which aims to inspire people to make small positive changes and demonstrates the support from the company both philosophically and practically
  • support a conference where the campaign was launched
  • follow up posters to encourage employees to change behaviours around meetings

The One Life: Live it' campaign was launched, and we designed a logo to reflect the company’s new initiatives. It emphasized the importance of creating balance within your life, as well as all the demands being made on your time. We also created posters which were used at launch, which reiterated the key messages of the campaign and the logo.

The Little Book of Life we designed was motivated by a desire to bring together the many different aspects of this focus on health and wellbeing in the campaign. It aimed to inspire employees to make small positive changes to the way they do things, whilst also demonstrating that Janssen supported them in making these changes.