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Getting people to think about their pension scheme in a whole new way


the problem

Citi asked us to develop a communication strategy to help them increase awareness of the options offered by the pension scheme as well as making people aware of forthcoming changes.

Ultimately Citi wanted to get people to think about their pension scheme in a whole new way. The idea being introduced was that a pension is ‘for what you want it to be’. Citi were clear that their people should see that their pension plan isn’t just about retirement.

The innovative changes that Citi have made to their pension plan to help graduates pay off their student loans and then continue to save in the pension plan, also needed to be explained to existing graduates and potential new entrants. 

the solution

The first thing we did was to speak to employees to get their views and ran several focus groups to understand what communication strategy we would need to adopt if this project was to be a success.

The result was a multi-media campaign included e-cards, website, video, presentations and handbook.

The key was to create a strong and innovative brand that visually conveyed the ground breaking scheme design for paying off your student loan.


Citi_Animation_AW_07 from like minds on Vimeo.


The core of the campaign that created the emotional punch and impact for the message was the video. Using illustration, loud music and bright colours for maximium effect, we tell you the story of all the things your pension can be for including the student loan.