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Making pensions entertaining

Capital One

the problem

Capital One needed to communicate to their pension scheme members about some changes that were being introduced that would improve the way the scheme was run, extend investment fund choice and reduce investment manager fees. For these changes to go ahead, Capital One employees needed to take action – to fill out and return a form.


Our brief was to create a video to launch these changes.  The video needed to be funny, engaging and interesting and result in employees taking action. 

the solution

We created Arnold and Betty.  Arnold – our aged wannabe rapper - gives an alternative view of savings - whilst the more serious Betty explains the pension changes in more detail.

Arnold and Betty were used as part of presentations about the pension scheme, the video ran on a loop in employees’ break out zones and Capital One invited street theatre group – ‘Granny Turismo’ – to the office to launch the campaign by greeting employees as they arrived for work.

Communicating the pension changes in a funny, contemporary, and ultimately engaging way dispelled all thoughts of pensions being irrelevant and boring!


Capital One from like minds on Vimeo.