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the problem

ITV was reviewing how it “recognises” and values the attitudes and behaviours from employees that go to make ITV a great place to work. The objectives of the review were to:

  • Reflect what people value beyond pay
  • Value the contribution of all colleagues
  • Create something that is specifically for ITV, reflecting the diversity of the business and the breadth of roles within it
  • Design an outcome that is built by the business for the business
  • Develop and enhance existing best practice around the business rather than replacing or re-inventing it.

The challenge was how to engage ITV colleagues in shaping the solution in a way that was consistent with the creative culture at ITV and was unique to ITV.

the solution

Rather than the traditional “focus group”, we designed a workshop where ITV colleagues were invited to use their mobile phones to take photos of things that illustrated:

  • What made ITV a great place to work
  • And what made them feel special about working at ITV.

Participants were encouraged to post these images up on a Group site on ITV’s intranet (“The Watercooler”) and these photographs became the subject matter of the subsequent workshop.

We originally ran these workshops in three pilot groups in different parts of the business. Subsequent to these workshops we produced a video, posters and a full report using the feedback from the groups and the photographs they had taken.

The process was warmly received (in a couple of the workshops we even received a round of applause) and the HR community decided that they wanted to participate too. So we ran the same workshop format for over 80 ITV HR colleagues at an event in London.

The feedback from the workshops is also being channeled into the management development programme that ITV is rolling out to all managers in the organisation.