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Salaried Total Reward Statements


the problem

It’s not unusual for employees to underestimate the value of their total reward package by as much as 30%, therefore McDonald’s want to ensure their salaried staff are aware of all the benefits they receive by working for the company.

The salaried group is varied and includes senior executives, as well as employees working in both restaurant and head office locations. As a result, the potential benefits each employee might receive is wide ranging and the statements have to be delivered in a way that maximises their impact wherever an employee is based. 

the solution

For over a decade, we’ve created annual total reward statements for over 2,000 McDonald’s salaried employees.

Each statement is fully personalised based upon the individual’s benefit package, role and location. There’s also an overview included in each statement to show the total value of each individual’s reward package, so that it’s clear just how much the company values their contribution.

The statements capture a wide range of benefits including pension, wellbeing, share plans, bonuses and awards. While they provide in-depth, personalised information for each employee, the statements are always written and designed in a way that makes them easy to read and understand.The statements are designed in the McDonald’s brand, so they are instantly recognisable as a piece of company literature. We also work closely with the Reward Manager to ensure they reflect the company’s people brand, and the most up to date vision and values.

The statements are printed and sent to home addresses, to maximise their impact, ensure employees have the space and time to digest the content, and have them on hand whenever they want to review their finances. This has proved to be particularly helpful for those who have to complete a self-assessment tax return form.